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Bimble Gnomes are our range of handmade,

unique plush gnomes.

Each Bimble Gnome is different, with its own unique name and characteristics.

bimble gnome wendy

Every Bimble Gnome is lovingly handmade from start to finish using a variety of materials, including velvet, cord, silk and cotton, with wool beards (or pigtails) and are adorned with various buttons, beads, bells etc.

They are made to last and to a high standard. Each one takes many hours to produce and will only go to their new home when they are perfect!

bimble gnome custom

Name your own custom Bimble Gnome, and include a free customisable message when ordering as a gift.

Bimble Gnomes are approximately 55cm tall, but they can be bigger or smaller depending on their body shape and hat style/length, and due to them being handmade from start to finish, they all turn out unique!

They are weighted at the base to prevent them from falling over.


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How to Purchase

Most of our Bimble Gnomes are created as custom orders, where we will work with you to create one in the colours and style that you'd like (please take a look at our previous creations). You can even choose a name and we will create a custom tag for you.

They make perfect gifts!

Non-custom Bimble Gnomes cost £45 exc. postage costs.
Custom Bimble Gnomes starting cost is £5exc. postage costs.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a Bimble Gnome or would like more information.

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